Neoprene Sheet
Our R & D always innovate the material quality and new fabrics:

Stainless Yarn Fabric to prevent friction
Flammability of Clothing Textile having no unusual
burning characteristic not to ignite
Breathable TPU Textile
Anti-static Electricity Textile
5) Anti-Electromagnetic Wave Textile from cellular phone
Comfortably getting a good character from our customers. Welcome new developed program cooperation for creating double benefit.
Neoprene Rubber Sheet Thickness:
1.0mm ~ 10.0 mm
Double-sided Laminated Fabrics:
Nylon Jersey, Spandex, Polyester, Nylon Terry,
Medical Plush, V Loop fabric, Towel fabric, Elastic 4 way fabric,
Fleece, UBL Tex II, Knitting Fabric, Woven Fabric, etc.
Available Colors:
Neoprene Physical Properties
We manufacture many Unique Neoprene Surface Patterns:
1.Shark Skin (Emb
ossed Skin)
2.Fine Mesh Skin
3. Smooth Skin
4. Nylon Diamond
5.TPU Film
Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 4
Pattern 5
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