Fashion gifts&Acccessories
Cosmetic Bag with lnside Mirror
Finished products can be made of man-made materials such as Neoprene, EVA,
Genuine & Synthetic Leather, PU, PVC, Knit & Woven Nylon Fabrics, and
special material improved upon by us ,¡Ketc.
MK-01, 02, 03, 04A, 04B, Neoprene Ski Mask.
NSK-012, NSK-01 Both Cosmetic Bags feature inside mirrors.
SM-01 Camera bag, SM-02 Camera Tube Bag, both with back strap. SM-03
Note Book Bag, SM-04 Women's Carry Bags, SM-05 Sunglasses Holder,
SM-06 Walkman bag, SM-07 CD Machine bag.
BO-01, BO-02 Binder Organizer, GB-02, GB-01 Two Golf Balls Bag, KY-01
Key Holder, NC-01,02 Name Card Holder, WT-01 Men's Wallet. All are made
of Genuine & Synthetic leather.
CD Holder: CD-01,02, 03, 08,09,10 made of EVA/PU hard case, CD-04, 06,
07 made of PVC. CD-05 made of Nylon.
BO-03A, 03B,03C Binder Organizer made of Micro fabric and Natural rubber.
EW-01 Easy Wallet, SM-O85 Small Wrist Bag. GB-01,02 Two Golf Balls bag.
KC-01 Key & Coin Bag.
B-03A, 03B, 03C, 03D Neoprene Back Bag with pipe over lock on the edge
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